Transpersonal Psychology

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this in turn builds as you know the self gratification, based on Abraham Maslow. The Maslow pyramid of needs (actually: need hierarchy) is based on a by the American psychologist Abraham Maslow in 1943 published model, to describe motivations of people. 1 physiological needs: breathing, sleeping, food, heat, health, housing, clothing, movement 2. safety: law and order, protection from dangers, fixed income, insurance, accommodation 3. social needs (connection motif): family, circle of friends, partnership, love, intimacy, communication, work climate 4.

individual needs: higher appreciation by status, respect, recognition (Awards, praise), prosperity, influence, private and professional successes, mental and physical strength 5 self effectiveness: individuality, talent development, perfection, enlightenment, self improvement 6 self-realization get and keep the you’re the. Perhaps due to this market viability”Maslow has expanded its model in 1970, shortly before his death, (published posthumously in: farther reaches of human nature, New York, 1971); the top tier of the new pyramid is now 7 transcendence “, so the search for God, a dimension exceeding the individual self or something that is outside of the observable system (Niklas Luhmann, God as an observer 2nd compare order error, because: God is above man!).” This expansion reflects Maslow’s way from the humanistic to Transpersonal Psychology. 6. If so someone always with the satisfaction of its 1st stage physiological needs, such as food, health, housing, heat, clothing, employed (including Hartz 4) lives on in any satisfactory way and is little optimistic. He needs his entire life energy (100%) to the management of existence of.

My friend, however, lived at the same time with the full satisfaction of needs of level 1-3 and was busy all his life only with the 4th level up individual needs. He lived happy son of officials and official a. D. with government pension and could smile even in his sleep. That says nothing about our individual happiness and our individual satisfaction! Who can drive in his village just 50 km/h is sure miserable even though he drives a Farrari.