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The control team had images of the part of is of the ship, by means of a monitor and many they had affirmed later having frantic seen the hands of White (that it was seated next to the hatchway of the ship) beating in the window, in vain abriz attempt it. According to NASA, 17 seconds after the first alarm of the astronauts, heard an shout and the communications with the ship suddenly had been interrupted (SHEPARD & SLAYTON, 1994). An aid team went up immediately to the capsule, but it did not obtain, at a first moment, to open the hatchway due to difference of pressure and to the high temperature. They had so soon obtained to open the ship, had evidenced that the three astronauts were died. For even more details, read what New York Museums says on the issue. Later it would be evident that they had died asfixiados when toxic gases proceeding from the fire had entered in its system of oxygen supplying.

After that the bodies of the three had been carbonized. It was never obtained to determine with security, however, if they had still suffered to some burnings livings creature (SHEPARD & SLAYTON, 1994). 2.2.1 Consequncias As well as in the case of the Soviet accidents, the disaster of the Apolo-1 brought consequncias for the United States space program. The first and more important effect of the accident had been modifications in the drawing of the ship and certain procedures in the tests and launchings. The internal atmosphere started to be a mixture of 60% of oxygen and 40% of the 5 nitrogen psi during the launching and moving gradually for 100% of oxygen in 24 following hours (ALDRIN & MCCONNELL, 1989). Also they had been substituted or diminished the inflammable materials in the interior of the ship and 1,407 problems they had been corrected in its electric part. The space suits had passed to be made of material the fire test (weaveeed the silica base).