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In fact, the architects possess the light as tool? key to be able to modify the space and the state of spirit of the observer. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out best bars in new york. He consists that the first architect whom he approached on light in the architecture was Vitrvio: ‘ ‘ We need to attempt against so that all the buildings well are illuminated. (…) therefore we must apply the following test. Of the side of which the light must be gotten, it strains a line of the high one of the wall that is assumed will obstruct the light until the point where the light will enter, and if one has left considerable of the open sky can be seen when it is looked at for on that line, situao’ will not have blockages for the light in that one; ‘. (Ladislo Peter Szabo apud Yan-Yung, 1989, p.293). In such a way, the present article has as objective to approach the dynamics of the light in interior spaces of the architecture by means of bibliographical research, observing which effect generated for the characterization of a workmanship and analyzing as the factor light was used throughout the history of the architecture. One of the joined problems is the fact of, although to be present since the primrdios of the architecture the light little was studied as composicional element in projects architectural, has seen few architects who had theoretically approached the illumination in its projects in elapsing of the history of the architecture.

As result, one expects that the critical study of the illumination it is base based for future luminotcnicos projects, where the challenge is in creating and recriar sensations engaged in sustainable solutions, uniting architecture and illumination. 2. Theoretical Referencial In accordance with Barnab (2007), one of the basic conditions for the inventive process of the project architectural is the natural light. If it will be used as line of direction at the conceptivo moment and to have it as generator of the constructed elements the final result will be the conception of a highly qualified environment.