Albert Ellis

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But in as much we live our lives like victims, we will not become people in charge by our actions, nor will take responsibility by our future. We cannot control what she happened to us in the past: The abuse of which we were object, the deficiency of economic resources that we experimented in the childhood, the lack of paternal love, et cetera. But we can choose to make us responsible for our attitudes, beliefs and conducts. We can choose between being enslaved of the past or being free to grow and to advance in the life. On the matter psychologist Albert Ellis comments: better years of their life are those in which you decide that their problems are only his. Then it will not blame his mother, to the ecology or the president. Account will occur that you control his own destiny.

The action is the best priest against the indecision. Gordon Graham says: the decision is a knife filoso that cuts with smoothness and precision; the indecision is a knife without edge that cuts and tears leaving to the irregular edges. To optimize the life demands action, determination and initiative. The action is the best remedy against the diseases of the passive people: The indolencia, the excusitis, the uncertainty and the fear. It is also an effective catalyst for the enthusiasm, the faith and the activation of the dreams. We need to improve our capacity of decision, and to assume a proactive attitude, does not reactivate. There are people who defer their pending subjects as much, perhaps hoping that the time or the chance is solved them, that never advances neither achieve their basic objectives the more. 2. I will try to reach the meaning personnel. I understand my weak strengths as well as my areas? I have a statement of personal mission? We are unique like person.