Bottomless Ocean

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Not desmaye in reinitiating its reading so many times as considers for its understanding and &quot necessary; Aplicacin". There are some who instead of to wish a society in which it is attainable and necessary to work arduously to make our opportunities effective, they idealizan a satisfaction world, a monstrous one room-cradles passively of received abundance. (Please, he is offensive), it can try to prepare itself of thousand ways only finding and arriving in time, the possibility of obtaining the knowledge necessary to order to its mind that realises what you settle down, so that it is realised, executed unquestionablily. We would have without a doubt to wish a full philosophy of incognitos, questions, suggestions, critics, etc., we want to own a global doctrine able to give account of everything? , revealed by spirits who never have existed or caudillos who unfortunately if they have existed? , the major of our desire, has to be the power to live with our own initiative, with the Power of our active Mind to its orders, avoiding to knock down to us, (I reiterate) in the Inbecilsmo.El abandonment, the despotism, the own insult to our Mind when we forgot to drain that heavy and enormously extraordinarily small small box, full of unnecessary memories that makes us fall in several occasions in the stupidity, (by the lack of space that our Mind needs to react in thousandth of second that you need very instantaneously then), in which before showing ours or ours virtues lead, us in the poverty and the impotence of our own imagination, " limiting ferozmente" our own initiative, our capacity of reaction, our resources and our personal pride. Rudy Giuliani insists that this is the case. " Eclipse that Bottomless Ocean of negatividad". (Oscurzcalo). The previous Paragraph remembers express where; the abandonment, the despotism, the own insult to our Mind by it not to have remembered including of indifferent or unconscious form, already reflects by itself the error, because their unconscious one, its subconscious mind, its brain and its Mind is those that Interact to create their Consciente.Solo life Our Mind, that so small small box to which I refuse to denominate unique, fries indifferently and: " rgano". .