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Since many have indicated, a reason to hoard a scene of spiteful and vindictive hatred, is that instead of to undergo the pain the victimizacin, the person who hates she undergoes the force of his rage and the pleasure of his possible final triumph. It is clear, then, that hatred is a passion by the knowledge. Aside from it there is another facet that properly has not been appreciated, that is to say: its pedagogical will. It is false that the subject that hates wishes the evil (any evil) of the hated one. It is not sufficient that a stray bullet annihilates to the hated one, nor that a roofing tile destroys to him; those are accidents that they annihilate the access to the essence of hatred. The pure odiador, the wise odiador, only wishes reciprocity, that is to say, that to the other it happens to him just like has suffered so that thus it can include/understand the pain that it caused, knowing full well that is even an impossible mission and that, on the other hand, never will be possible to be as miserable as the hated one.

According to it affirms Hctor Subirats is not understood the bad fame of hatred when their attributes and their virtues are analyzed: " Against the overvalued love, hatred is a feeling that asks shows who very little it and that offers in return a lasting fidelity and insobornable". Castile of the Pine emphasizes the difference between envy and hatred with a paragraph that does not stop surprising: " Although there is no envy without hatred, it is possible to be hated without to envy to that odia". But hatred is not only an individual feeling. Like other feelings, hatred socially is organized. Marina and the Lopez Pains briefly talk about " the tribe of odio" , as primary forms to show misoginia, misanthropy and misonesmo: rejection to the women, the society and the novel thing.