Central Radio

2020-04-26 - 07:11 | News | Tags: , |

“The home entertainment system ‘ multimedia cow’ to offer the user a maximum availability of media content at the same time easy to use the home entertainment system multimedia cow” is to provide the user with a maximum availability of media content at the same time easy to use. Therefore, the library expanded again to a new function. Now, the online video store maxdome also via the user interface of the cow library can be called. In addition to ease of use, reliability and performance for the integration of the video on demand page are important criteria for the entertainment system. The maxdome Subscriber is automatically logged in, can the various film categories can be viewed by means of clear presentation and so quickly reach his desired film with details like plot, cast and run-time. Trailers and films can be called immediately and played.

Also the ordering of fee-based films with PIN entry is taken into account. As well as the functions of live TV, recordings,. Video and music library, photos, radio, news and Internet uses the maxdome video store with the Central Radio remote control of home entertainment systems. More information to the Hedron multimedia cow can be requested directly from the manufacturer.