Clinical Examinations

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For a more necessary confirmation, the laboratorial diagnosis is considered indispensable. This, in turn, is based on clinical examinations, where the main element of study is plasma sanguineous of the patient, in which if it determines intracellular macro and micromolecules that can modify the levels of composites biochemists gifts in the circulation. The main composition biochemist to be modified WENT during it is the glucose, a time that is used during the normal cellular metabolism. Its deficiency causes greater production and accumulation of acid lctico, resulting in the reduction of pH cellular, what it compromises the integrity of its membrane and the normal metabolism, causing the death of the cell, allowing, consequentemente, to the release of its molecules in the sanguineous chain. Amongst disgnostic macro-molecules in laboratory for infarto acute of the myocardium, according to Losovoy et al apud Robbis (2008), is: Creatina-quinase (CK), Aspartate (AST), Lactate (LDH), the Troponinas T and I and the mioglobina.

The treatment can be farmacolgico, including antiarrhythmic, vasodilatadores (nitrates), betabloqueadores, anticoagulants, antiagregantes, plaquetrios and, in last case, surgical (revascularizao of the myocardium). (BARROS & GOMES apud TIMERMAN; DRACUP, 2000, P. 105). Currently, the increase of supervened of the acometidos patients of isquemia of the cardiac muscle, after the first attack, must it the advances, in the diagnosis and treatment of doena.MATERIAL and MTODOSO City of Willow is located in the Central Hinterland of Pernambuco, in the crossing of the BR-116 with the BR-232 possessing, according to data of the IBGE (2009), 55,435 inhabitants, distributed in 1.639 Km2. Is limited it the north with the City of Penaforte? CE, Belm of the San Francisco? FOOT to the south, Verdejante, Mirandiba and Carnaubeira of the Penha? FOOT to the east and, Cabrob, New Land, Serrita and Cedro? FOOT to the west. The present work is of the descriptive, bibliographical type and of field study, having as research method in lcus, a time that works with statistical data.