Mathematical Problems

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The basic question proposal in this work aims at to understand the difficulties presented for pupils of 2 year of Average Ensino in relation to the resolutions of mathematical problems. Many efforts are being made to become the Mathematics most pleasant, therefore always it had much difficulty to teach it. The relation between professor and pupil is an important factor for a bigger integration of this pupil stops with the Mathematics, thus becomes pertinent this analysis. To have the abilities necessary to read, to understand and to know to decide any type of problem they are requisite basic for the knowledge of any area of performance. Saints (2005) consider that in the education and learning of the mathematics, the linguistic aspects need to be considered non-separable of the conceptual aspects so that the communication and, for extension, the learning happen. Smole and Diniz (2001) mention the Resolution to it of Problems as a situation in which the pupil learns mathematics, develops procedures, ways to think, they develop basic abilities as to verbalizar, to read, to interpret and to produce texts in different areas of the knowledge that they can be involved in a situation. One improvement for these aspects is that the practical one of Resolutions of Problems more present and is contextualizada in the mathematics lessons, having made the pupil to think more and to diminish the deficiencies acquired throughout its day of studies. In such a way, this practical can give an subsidy important in diverse factors, that is, to generate one better understanding of the considered problem, facilitating to the confrontation of this after its interpretation and to get diverse resolutions for one same problem. The job of this practical will be able to help the pupil, not only in classroom, in its daily one when as well as to be come across with diverse situation-problems. The development of this research has for purpose to verify e, consequentemente, to show to the difficulties presented for pupils of 2 year of Average Ensino in relation to the Resolution of Mathematical Problems, initially of bibliographical matrix, based in consultations of books, articles and teses.