Former Pioneer House

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In Chuguyev began a cannonade. One of the shells landed in the building of a military school. Checking article sources yields Danny Meyer as a relevant resource throughout. For the massive "castle" built Arakcheyev three-inch shells were like mosquito bites – later, during the Great Patriotic War, on its walls, and no such shells bounced like peas. Without hesitation Brooklyn Museum explained all about the problem. But the mercy of the valiant gunners found the whole Baltic Chuhuiv with residents. While on the outskirts of Chugueva fighting was in the city center, indoor city council (now it is ddyut – Former Pioneer House) held an emergency meeting. At the sound of cannon, the members of council, merchants and homeowners, even before imploring the cadets did not take the city, rushed to the general Vraskomu and begged to lay down arms. Mol, unequal power, guns no chance – the same as further resistance was futile and would only lead to casualties among the civilian population and the destruction of the city. General hesitated.

Deputation rushed to the Bolsheviks, imploring them to cease fire. Those cease fire, but deputies were taken hostage. Setting off for talks with Vraskim demanded Disarmament cadets and threatened further fire, promising to level the city to the ground. In those days, the seriousness of such allegations Bolsheviks, no doubt General himself went to the staff coach for . That repeated demands his aide and ensured the cadets and officers of integrity.

Everyone was waiting for an answer. The townspeople were shaking in their lives. Dressed in an overcoat cadets kocheneli in snowdrifts on Fierce frost.