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The Scientology Church briefed recently on 35,000 websites on the Internet and reached for the Scientology Church International created to convey new information campaigns to their teaching of a wider audience around the world to. These will be published worldwide on well-known TV channels, the Internet, YouTube and many other media. In 2008, the Scientology Church International began to publish their humanitarian programmes through television and the Internet. These information have been broadcast by major TV channels and networks and referenced the Scientology Web site viewers. On television, millions of people could be achieved. The Internet formed another distribution channel in the information campaign.

The Scientology Church International therefore decided to place their ads over 35,000 Web sites all over the Internet. 10 Million visitors on the Scientology Web site were recorded, only four months after the start of this action the to include a total of six Million times one of the 600 Scientology videos viewed. The distribution campaign of the Scientology Church showed great success. More eight Scientology TV info clips were produced and presented all over the world. The most recent info knowledge”had its premiere in October 2012, the 28th anniversary of the IAS (International Association of Scientologists). This TV clips broadcast began in December 2012 on the Internet and the prime time in the United States. The display was among four weeks on the huge billboards in times square in New York City, including to new year’s Eve. “” The display was also during the television series glee,”X-factor” and modern family “as well as from leading broadcasters such as ABC, Fox, the CW and CBS revealed.

End of January the indicator was knowledge “during the championship game of the NFL (National Football League). As well, the ad ran during the Super Bowl, the most important sports event in the United States. Mid-February 2013 the clip was worldwide in the international television in selected areas, including London, Quebec. Mexico City and Johannesburg. Other publications in cities of around the world will follow. Because many people on the Internet are looking for answers to problems in life, is Scientology in the major search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo! or ask very quickly find. Here, Internet users can find information how you can enlighten E.g. a friend or relative about the harmfulness of drugs or how to improve his communication skills, etc. Can also be an adventure of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard with biographical timeline, to become acquainted with the life and discoveries of L. Ron Hubbard… Also can the interested about the religious doctrine and practice of Scientology valuable information for religion. Also 19, free courses from the Scientology Handbook for all those online offered the Scientology page, want to improve something in their lives. Free online courses, that have been in the Internet since 2011, thousands of people from 207 Nations have already 252,000 lessons successfully completed.