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2019-08-21 - 17:02 | News |

The aim of this article is to summarize the point of view of Samuel Huntington, Professor of Harvard University in what refers to the Hispanic challenge facing United States due to migration with magnitudes unprecedented taking place since several years ago, in these times but we will make a special emphasis on Mexican migration since it is which is presented in greater numbersyou are also creating a cultural gap that affects the United States. According to Huntington this problem presents unique characteristics that potentiates it and make it more difficult to correct. The characteristics that the author finds most relevant are the following: contiguity the closeness between the two countries since the cross the thin and wide turn the border line is relatively easy since undocumented persons have the possibility of choosing by where cross it in its 3 thousand kilometers, this makes Mexico and United States border greater worldwide between a country’s first world and one developing still other countries under these same conditions are separated by large masses of water and by a river shallow or deserts without any supervision, not only with this simple fact is facilitating the entry of migrants to a country whose GDP is 9 times greater than their own, offers a better standard of life and better paid wages. Number the figures now estimate that around half a million countrymen they cross the border each year and the number increases significantly aggravating the problem and concerned American citizens who do not find the necessary measures to stop this phenomenon without or antecedent comparison both so it is estimated that the Hispanic population in United States in 2040 reaches 25% of the total population of the country (of which two thirds would be Mexican)This is due not only to the amount of people entering United States also to the fertility of Hispanics who exceeded 1.2 children on average non-Hispanic white mothers, it is saying, while mothers White not Hispanic women have on average 1.8 children Hispanic mothers have 3 children on average.