Horst Buchholz

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What actually is the intention or the approach of an artist, presents the exhibition portraits examples”. During the history of mankind, the portrait art form is mainly an approximation of an artist on a person and their personality? Linde Bishop, painter and graphic artist is participating artists. She was born in Wasungen in 1945 and studied painting and graphic art at the Kunsthochschule Berlin-Weissensee. Her special interest is the painting of portraits in almost abstract manner. Deep look, lots of color with just a few strokes she forms her figures. Already, she portrayed many personalities such as Hans Mottek, Wilhelmine Schirmer Proscher, Ruth Werner and Wieland Herzfelde. Mika Ceron is an artist and photographer.

He was born in 1974 in Berlin and studied philosophy at the free University of Berlin and photography at the lette Verein Berlin. In the free art he took part with his Triptychs on international exhibitions, while he photographed in the applied field campaigns for fashion companies and already Personalities such as Rolando Villazon, Bela B, Roger Cicero, Nadja Michael, David Gimenez Carreras, Katharina Witt, Giovanni Parodi, SIDO, Horst Buchholz u.v.m has portrayed. Mika interests most the staging of special people in photography, if only with light, or going out with props. Also fashion and music offer him opportunities and freedoms, amending existing, to appear in a different light, and stories to tell. Manzur Karger is a painter and musician. He was born in 1965 in Kabul/Afghanistan and lives and works in Berlin, New York and Los Angeles since 1996. He studied painting at the HBK Braunschweig and the UdK Berlin and deals of the female figure since the beginning of his artistic activity with the human, especially. His main interest lies in the idealized representation of the people. Up to today’s manifestations in the popular mass media his portraits show inspired by ancient Greece about the Quatrociento”(Renaissance) the ideal image of a face.