Infantile Literature

2017-01-22 - 19:57 | News | Tags: |

The positive points of the work had been to the interaction of the children with history and the activities proposals. Also he is valid to detach, the good relationship established between the children and we, where, all the moment, was mediated by a dialgica relation, having, the possible maximum, opening it child to express its thought, feeling itself it will in developing of the activities. As negative points of the work we detach the little available time for the accomplishment of the activities, not being able to more explore them, and absence of some pupils who had to the cold had not appeared the lesson. The work was of great value, therefore we had the chance to have a direct contact with the pertaining to school reality, being made possible the accomplishment of one practical one, also remembering that this was the first contact that we had with a group of Infantile Education. The activities had provided to perceive the importance of if to work infantile literature and how much this is significant to the children. .