Mackevision Managing Director Armin Pohl

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The product may very Request will be placed in the scenery. Backgrounds and products can be freely combined, your own backgrounds can be uploaded. With simple tools to the facilities of the products, the user sets details such as color, wheels, or label of the label itself. The generated image is supplied in different resolutions and can be selected freely by the layout up to the proof quality. Thus the F_BOX picture is shooting not only for the generation of high end image material, but can be used as a layout tool for the creation of moods, storyboard or concept studies. Except for the complete rendered image, the F_BOX picture delivers shooter automatically Hilfslayer to the retouching of materials, lacquered surfaces or surface reflections and additional Stanek for reflections and lighting.

Also, 360 walkarounds can be generated automatically by easy-to-control functions. Shooter the DMMA Award for the F_BOX picture expands Mackevision Managing Director Armin Pohl the in-House trophy wall for the first time with a prize for technological development. He sees and confirmed in the strategy to establish Mackevision as provider of independent system solutions: the award with the DMMA 2009 confirms that we meet the spirit of the time with this new technology. Thus we guarantee innovative services without loss of quality our customers even in difficult economic times.” Macke vision media design GmbH the Macke vision media design GmbH, headquartered in Stuttgart is creative and system partner for Visual communication. The experts for 3D visualization, animation, post production and Visual effects design and produce high-quality images and footage and develop independent system solutions for image generation for international agencies, film production companies and industrial customers in the sectors of consumer goods, automotive, architecture and science. From data processing to the creative design to the implementation of projects, the company offers all processes of computer-aided image and film production. From the Mackevision Development Department comes the F_BOX product family. With the F_BOX solutions create simple and cost effective photo-real 3D visualisation, for example, for marketing and informational materials industry clients, photographers and agencies based on recycled product data.

The company founded in 1994 has more than 90 employees at the locations of Munich, Stuttgart and Detroit (United States).