Motorola Mobility

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The director of Communication in Latin America assures that he became for " to put pie" in the devices that will dominate the world of the connection to Internet. The company paid 12,500 million dollars by Motorola, in the middle of the fight by the licenses or patents. Google has denounced a campaign of bad practices on the part of Apple and Microsoft to harm its operating system, Android. The director of Communication of Google for Latin America, Alberto Arebalos, affirmed today that the operation of purchase of Motorola is for " to protect itself of ataques" of Apple and Microsoft, but also for " to put pie" in the world of the devices that are going to dominate the world of the connection to Internet. " We are not going to change of business " , it emphasized Arebalos in an interview in Bogota. The news of the purchase of the manufacturer of telephones Motorola Mobility on the part of the giant of Internet, still pending of approvals in several countries, surprised the world of the businesses the past month. The post of the operation, the greater acquisition of company of which he is executive president Eric Schmitd, was of 12,500 million dollars.

Arebalos emphasized that it is not any secret that behind this operation is the fight by the licenses or patents. Each intelligent movable telephone has tens of thousands of components that they require of the corresponding licenses. Motorola, inventor of the movable telephone and the radio for the automobiles, remembered Arebalos, counts with more than 14,000 licenses. Google, that counts on the operating system for movable devices Android, number one in the USA, with a 44% of the market, affirms that it has undergone hard " ataques" of Microsoft and Apple, that has been united to buy licenses that the company needs. as. " The subject of the licenses has become a competitive weapon in the industry of the discharge tecnologa" , Arebalos said, for that is impossible that in a so great market and with the speed to which the changes happen it is going to have " ganador" definitive.