The Best Smile

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However, avoid hairstyles that are too slicked straight hair, or on the photo you can get bald. It is best to obtain pictures with her hair. If you have natural straight hair, for a better shine to comb a brush with natural bristles, and then sprinkle with glitter paint. Natural bristles are composed of layers of tiny scales which cleans the hair of dust and give them an exceptional luster. For wavy and curly hair is best first to wet hair and then let them dry naturally.

During drying, periodically gently shake the hair to locks of a little dispersed. This hairstyle will look at the photos of the most natural. Clothing: Too large or too tight clothing is better to prefer clothes, free-fitting your figure. It should also select a darker color of clothes – in a photo they will be slim. Avoid very bright colors and large figures, otherwise the picture will attract attention not you yourself, and your dress. If you wear glasses, it is better to be photographed without them, unless of course you are taking is not a passport or driver's license. If, however, have to be photographed wearing glasses, choose glasses with anti-reflective coating (this applies to the spectacles from the sun), otherwise it might happen that the glasses reflect the light and behind them will not see his eyes. Smile: The Best Smile – a natural smile.

So try to smile through the eyes, not just the lips. Think not about how perfect and how pleasant and natural to your smile. It is better not to train in advance before the mirror, rehearsed smiles in the photo looks lifeless posture: As is the case with a smile, it's best to take a natural posture. The most successful obtained photographs of a half-turn, they are fine waistline and all the curves shape. If you prefer to be photographed, looking at the camera directly, at least, move your body weight on one leg. Try not to look askance, otherwise the picture will get too long nose. And finally, do not forget to breathe! Many people take pictures and hold their breath and take a frozen pose. In the end, and the pictures they look stiff. When people try to control too much of their photo looks lifeless. Be yourself and try on a picture to convey its vitality and energy. A few general rules of taking a picture, think about how the camera. We see the world in three dimensions, while the two-dimensional pictures. Therefore, the amateur photographs often, for example, a tree branch as it grows from a person's ear or his head sticking out a desk lamp. Always pay attention to the fact that it is in the background, and how these things show up in future photos. The best source of light is natural sunlight. Flash bleaches facial features. If you're shooting indoors, then do this is no flash in a good sunny day, standing or sitting down near the window.