Noise Problem

2019-12-28 - 10:18 | News | Tags: , , , , |

Raymond mill is a kind of large milling equipment. When it is in the normal work state, it is bound to generate some voice with the operation of various parts. For the users, there is nothing serious. However, if these exceed a certain decibel sounds, they will make a certain impact on the surrounding environment (just like ball mill and cement mill), which is worth noticing. The following is the noise problem analysis of Raymond mill host.1. Checking the anchor bolts and tightening the bolts; Secondly, checking the feeding rate to find out whether it is too small or not and then inspecting the feeding coexistence and making timely adjustment. 2 Viewing the degree of wear of the blades. If the blades are badly worn, they can not be able to afford the materials.

3 Checking the grinding roller and grinding ring of Raymond mill to make sure they are not deformed. We can rule out these parts in turn to find the crux of the problem. When checking these problems, the safe operation is also very important. In addition to the host of Raymond mill that causes noise and vibration, the other reason to generate the noise is the corollary equipment of Raymond mill-fan. It is not difficult to solve the problem if there is something wrong with the vibration of fan.

The reasons are as following: 1. To check the anchor bolts of the fixed fan and make sure that they are not loose. 2 Checking to find out whether there is a lot of dust depositing on the blades of the fan. 3 Viewing the blades of the fan and ensuring the degree of wear of the blades. For the processing of these problems, it is necessary to carry out the process in accordance with the normal operation. Strengthening production is important, but guaranteeing the safe production is more important!