Without Mother Story True

2019-12-31 - 10:48 | News |

?The story that I am going to narrate, is based on a real event; I have changed some names, and accommodated in certain circumstances, but ultimately it is a fact that not only calls to reflection, but to the action, so that as far as possible can be a light for those who live in darkness. Meche was a person who worked all day, very early preparing their things and was going to sell breakfast to workers in a factory. This worked, his sister and sometimes his son Samuel, then returning to make the meal, which also sold in a sort of fonda, who had been implemented at home. I was always busy, he also had a daughter more than another commitment, but which also had separated. As she did not have much time told his 8-year-old son to take care of to his little sister. Once Samuel, like any kid his age played with his friends, his mother who was a little annoying because they had not paid what they should him; I ordered the child who will go into the House, with a strong Samuel I shout, I told you to pass immediately.

But mama, one little more said Samuel-. While Meche replied; I already told you that you can only play half an hour, because you have obligations to meet, piece of idiot! Meche, crawl the ears to the child, while he was holding his kitchen ladle and began to hit. You will me to ignore when you talk! He told him, while Samuel between sobs was screaming No, please MOM, already no me pegues! With a few cries that break the soul and did shake any heart. A neighbor who heard the SOBs, told him her husband, poor child, going to kill. Her husband easing back breast, told him: you no te metas into trouble outside, remember what happened to my friend Dora, who by denouncing an abuse at the end almost put dam, because victims were afraid of declaring and policemen were friends of offenders.