Presidential Elections

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Deja I am in charge, I I pay to the account How pretty is to listen to these words of a friend when for example it leaves to have dinner, ate of abundant way and it knows that the account is not going to be for anything modest! That same one was what the North American government with the toxic assets did of the American financial organizations empachadas by to have devoured to the same (although this proposal still must be approved by the Congress of the EE.UU.). The subject is that the government pays the count with money that is to him own to the American contributors. And for worse of the case, it is that the account would ascend nothing else to nor anything less than US$ 700,000 million (and until it can be greater than this value). Surely many American families must be in favor of these moments than more annoying with the secretary of the Treasure since this proposal is totally opposite to which it had promised one week before. For many citizens, the plan represents an evil use of the resources of the contributors.

It is that as raises republican senator Brad Sherman, for many, this plan consists of: " It give a good money them and in return they give back the worse thing to you of peor". For an authorized word in these subjects, the Nobel prize de Economa Joseph Stiglitz, the rescue plan is " monstruoso" for the American contributors. For worse, Stiglitz thought for the German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung (FAS) that the same: is not more than a short term solution. With words than more simple, Stiglitz said: Ponemos the investments of risk into the hands of the contributors. This rescue is not smaller since the same represents around 5% of the American GIP.