Prevail, But Really!

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Dale Carnegie Training published Guidebook for more confidence and assertiveness in the profession assert themselves, but really!” – this is the title of the new 5 strategies for more successful in my career -, Carolin Skiba from the translated book of the international American make training provider Dale Carnegie Training. The reader meets the five basic skills for dealing with people and learns how he effectively can be used in the professional life. Because we know that success depends not only the performance, but also about our personal appearance and how we communicate with others. Assertiveness means, so the reader learns that set clear and reasonable limits to be treated fairly: many people behave at work either too passive or too aggressively. The art is confident to act without being aggressive. The need to save always face.” (see blurb) The book is based on a series of seminars from Dale Carnegie Training and draws from over ninety years of experience in the field of personality development. With catchy elaborated, it shows how to appropriately respond in any situation, to make clear his concerns, relationships, to build trust, to resolve conflicts and to gain respect and recognition.

These skills are critical for executives, because leadership has to do with strengthening the responsibility of the employee. Persuasive communication and building sustainable relationships are the cornerstones of this”so Clemens Widhalm, Managing Director of Dale Carnegie Austria and franchisee of the global Dale Carnegie business training group in Austria. Dale Carnegie International was founded in 1912 in the United States. Founder Dale Carnegie arrived with his million-plus selling bestseller how to win friends and influence people”(on German known how to friends win”) to world fame. Dale Carnegie graduates include many recognized Members of the business community, including the intermittently richest man in the world, financial expert, major investor and Manager Warren Buffett.

Today, Dale Carnegie is present in over 80 countries, and so far, about seven million people in a total of 30 languages completed programs of the company. Free sample request below: imap /… About Dale Carnegie Austria: Dale Carnegie Austria is a franchisee of the global Dale Carnegie business training group and expert on personal development in the areas of leadership and sales. The company offers tailor-made in-house programs as well as seminars for individuals and teams. The range of the training offer ranges from the apprentice Academy to executive coaching. Dale Carnegie Austria developed in addition new training formats and cross-border multilingual leadership and sales academies, in particular for the CEE region. The company is a member of Austria’s leading companies. Note: Dale Carnegie Austria Mag. Natalie Eichinger, PR & marketing Tel. 37 12