Public Safety

2017-10-24 - 22:26 | News | Tags: , |

The spiral of violence in which live Peru capital Lima, is not a problem exclusive to these lands. It is a global problem, which is giving in the cities more developed, such as Bogota, Mexico City, New York, among others. Many years ago the city of Shanghai was also very violent, they dominated the mafia. In modern times, promote violence in cities, three groups identified by the national police: gang members, addicts, the bands of robbers to step. Added to this are the kidnappers, who are a group of professional criminals who act every certain period of time, two or three times a year. The State priority is the eradication of violence and the strengthening of citizenship and citizen security. Seen this way, we understand that public safety is the integrated action that develops the State, with the collaboration of citizenship, intended to ensure their coexistence pacifica, the eradication of violence and use peaceful pathways and public space. To finish with the concept of security citizen can say that it is the set of measures and forecasts that adopts the State through its institutions and the organized community, within the framework of the law and human rights, with the aim that people can develop their activities free from risks and threats that generates crime and delinquency. The Serenazgo as municipal organization created to support the tasks of public safety plays an important role in tripod: national police, municipal and neighbouring Governments organized, to prevent crime. The serenazgo since its creation has been much contributing to security in the districts, to compliment an important role with the patrolling of the streets and avenues, as well as raise the alarm when the crime has wanted to be imposed. I was walking in Brena district one afternoon and witnessed how a gang member, outburst his cell phone to a young girl who conversed with the device at the ear, while waiting for a ceviche dish serve you. The offender ran at speed, While the girl screamed strong asking for help. A serene brena who was in a nearby park also saw the outburst and started playing pito, sack your radio and gave the voice of alarm to the police. The serene ran chasing the offender entered by a passenger trying to outwit the persecution. When everything seemed that it was favorable to the fast offender, a police patrol appeared on the other street and got him the vehicle when the thug throwing him two meters above the floor. Quickly down the policemen in the patrol and wand in hand, gave a sovereign beating the robber dropped on the floor. Police officers lifted the soil to the offender and handcuffed. At that moment agitated by the race came the aggrieved and the serene that he provided the voice of alarm. The policemen was invited to the aggrieved to upload to the patrol to make the complaint at the police station of the sector. The serene brave was congratulated by people who saw everything, as we see in film or TV, movies about thugs and criminals. This shows us that the serenazgo is a security corps that complies very well their duties, without using weapons, only their whistle and your radio. We therefore believe that it should be very well remunerated, endowed with good equipment, bulletproof vests, since they are also exposed to the danger of being shot by criminals as it has already happened with the Serenos of San Borja. The serenazgo should be improved, more paid, trained, and considered to be already part integral of citizen security. And why not say it: indispensable for this task. Smile and be happy original author and source of the article.