Start One

18 March, 2019 (18:02) | News |

It took two years to believe that had occurred, and more seven for it ' ' deixar' ' that to happen and to accept, as the Dr. Hower says. During these seven years it was an deceased-alive one. In the start it did not obtain to believe that the humanity could? preferred? to interpret as […]

Brazil Churches

22 February, 2019 (03:56) | News |

I only wait that they do not change the spiritual for secular (II the Timteo 4:3) – Because it will come time where they will not support s doctrine; but, having tingle in the ears, its proper concupiscncias will accumulate for in agreement itself doctors; . It is the reality of many churches and organizations […]

The Arraial

20 February, 2019 (06:33) | News |

Arriving, therefore, these lepers to the entrance of the arraial, had entered in a tent, and had from there eaten, drunk and taken silver, gold and clothes, and had been they had hidden and them; then they had come back, and they entered in another tent, and from there they had also taken some thing […]