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How long do this because average? Must they be changed at some point? Answer: Research for this type of restorations indicate an average survival rate of approximately 90% in a period of 15 years. To what extent these restorations again must be replaced, can be judged best during a clinical examination by a dentist. Q: I have a gold inlay/inlay filling for several years. Now I’ve decided for a bridge as a tooth had to be pulled to me. There are however quite different materials that can be used for this purpose. What can be observed in the choice of materials? Answer: To minimize interactions between metal alloys (construction of electrical voltage, metal taste, corrosion), the new bridge should be no metal parts or a deluded bridge with ceramic, that contains the gold alloy was made also the inlay. You should refrain from a bridge made of non-precious metals as a precaution.

The Federal Joint Committee (G-BA) the dentists and health recommends in the same patients using only dental alloys, both alone and in combination with other materials produce no corrosive effects. Question: Is Dental restorations made of gold currently more expensive than dentures made of ceramic? Answer: The high gold prices actually cause, that particularly major work of full ceramic material at the moment can be cheaper than Dental restorations made of gold. Which is especially suitable for what case, should be not only a question of price. People who grind their teeth more likely to recommend gold to avoid chipping the ceramic or damage on opposing teeth the softer material is so. Question: Would you recommend to a German dental laboratory? What distinguishes restorations from Germany? Answer: tooth replacement is a matter of trust. The dental lab on site can provide insights into the production of dental and stands just for its product quality.

It is easy to reach, if you it needs both the dentist and the patient. The German dental is world recognized and internationally leading due to the high level of education and training. There is also the so-called “medical product law” in Germany. This means that before used materials in the mouth, they must go through certain checks, to provide the patient a high safety and tolerability of dentistry. There certainly proper and affordable dentures from abroad, but neither a patient nor a dentist in the dental and the material look inside”can, should play the decisive role the quality of processing and material, as well as the distance to the laboratory. “” To the Board of Trustees of perfect dentures and an interview with former Scientific Director, Professor Klaus M. Lehmann, see at for the press service, also see in the section press lounge “in press releases”.