Kime Alison Mcmillen

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Today I know I discovered: HUMIUDADE! When I loved myself of truth I gave up to be revivendo the past and to worry me about the future. Now, I remain myself in the gift, that is where the life happens. Today alive one day of each time. This is: PLETINUDE! When I loved myself of truth I perceived that my mind torment can me disappoint and me, but when I place it the service of the heart it becomes a great allied valuable e. Everything this is: TO KNOW TO LIVE! ' ' (Kime Alison Mcmillen) ' ' When I loved myself of truth. But what it is if to love of really? I think that to love itself of truth he is to feel itself I obtain well exactly, I am if to accept of the skill that is (it is clearly that if not forgetting to improve in some aspects). If to love of truth is to fight against the external preconceptions and internal, it is to understand that if it will not have proper love, all the other areas of our life will be shaken, and this is inadmissible that it happens. I remember the history of Eliana Zag that, as soon as was born, was abandoned by the parents when child, in front of a hospital of So Paulo.

It had generalized infantile paralysis, and finished being tetraplgica, that is, she only obtains to put into motion the head and the neck. Its body is total inert. It was adopted by the hospital and lives there until today. Deferred payment in one sute of 24 square meters. In the truth, it was not left to abate for the limitation that the life imposed to it. This sute is today one ateli of painting. Eliana paints wonderful pictures.

It possesss devices special better to put into motion its face, therefore it paints with the mouth. Some years behind, the first international sample of the pictures of Eliana in New York vende 76 pictures, being that more cheap it was commercialized by 300 a thousand dollars. Eliana is a person of happy success and, although all the adversities in its life. This yes is proper love. Eliana lives to each day as if he was the last one. Everything this because it accepted of the form that is. It makes of this form and you will see that everything goes to change in its vida' ' (Rogrio Branches). Desire to them success and much happiness. They receive a fort, warm and respectful I hug of this friend, Rogrio poet Branches, the writer of the freedom? Aracati? CE (24/02/2011)