Without Love, Nothing I Will Be

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' Despite I have dom to augur and he knows all the mysteries and all science; despite I have so great faith, the point to carry mounts, if will not have love, nothing serei' '. I Corntios the 13,2 Apostolo Pablo, writing to that they grew in the Evangelho and that they lived in the city Greek of Corntios, and knowing in the way most easy to understand the mystery wonderful of the love, used the expression despite to reveal the clear notion comparative of that nothing it would surpass, it would move or would substitute the love in expectao of the glory. ' ' Despite I tenha' ' , it said, or ' ' despite I possa' ' , ' ' despite I faa' ' , ' ' despite I domine' ' , ' ' despite conhea' ' ; thus tells to the conditions front to the Love. This despite, a concessive conjunction, rank that, despite, exactly that, even though, brings the declaration of the value that gave to the Love, value very above of the circumstances How many times already we saw, or same we postamos in them above of all, with words, acts, thoughts, attitudes and until indirect, not being in the conditions that mame look like, to all to be and to possess. This nothing more is of what – lack of Love and practical its.

Thus, we do not allow that the largeness of this love if surpassed. Now. the level imagines real where if you meet, she opens the mind and she asks quiet, so that nobody hearing the reply judges, it. It remembers, however, that God hears exactly without nobody asks or answers. It questions itself now exactly, if never it was fit in one of these alternatives with greater or minor intensity: because I have, because I can, because I carry through, because I know, because I am, etc relembre if some time sub-did not judge with words and acts, direct and indirectly, people and facts, leaving them ' ' where mereciam' ' , that is – underneath its of the feet, prisoners to the heel If thus already he proceeded, sees what Pablo for certain would say to it: ' ' In these circumstances, you the force is unaware of biggest that happens in despite I tenha' '.