28 February, 2019 (22:33) | News |

Registers registered on the climatic oscillations in the Amaznia also exist occured during the glaciations and of more recent variations of the local temperature. The effect of the El Nio, that is a natural phenomenon, can be enclosed inside of this category. The time of reply to the modificadoras forces it can be in an […]

By Express

14 February, 2019 (21:18) | News |

By the city all central portion of the urban area was surrounded, enclosing of west the north, of east the south. For the field of Geography the water also is considered not only as a basic way to study the hidrogrfica basin while unit physicist-geographic, but, especially, as an element essential to understand and to […]

Old Importance

11 February, 2019 (18:41) | News |

Asked on the importance of the folklore they had said the young of up to 25 years, that the important one to divulge the folklore not to finish with the tradition and not to be forgotten. For the ones of 26 the 36 years its spreading is important to preserve our roots, valuing and consolidating […]

Brazilian Plateaus

11 February, 2019 (01:41) | News |

without speaking of the enormous tourist potential that the Region provides of attractive form, efficient, capable to seduce, to motivate tourist of Brazil and the whole world. Possessing good temperatures during the year all and mainly raised in the Summer for the enormous expansion of its gorgeous littoral and arenaceous beaches. People such as Bill […]

Amorim Son

7 February, 2019 (11:41) | News |

As Amorim Son (1984) average city can be understood as: The French experience, over all, and of other country it is that they develop politics of territorial decentralization make possible the accumulation of important sets of theoretical information on this hierarchic level of the cities. The average cities are, still, adjusted points more to the […]

Geography Science

10 June, 2014 (05:50) | News |

Geography while systemize science appears in fact in century XIX, however, before this a long way was covered. According to Moraes (2007), since Old Greece already if it produced Geography, philosophers as Tales and Anaximandro, the measurement of the space and the format of the Land were worried about related questions, at the same Herdoto […]