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The ancient Maya realized that the Sun at the winter solstice is slowly moving towards milky way. Two big points in the sky moving to each other, to commit a rare celestial Association. Best bars in new york often addresses the matter in his writings. The Mayan calendar has pointed out accurately, when this event will take place and it means more than the birth of a new solar year. It means the beginning of a new great cycle of the time newly putting the great heavenly star watch and, perhaps, a new level in the nature of human consciousness and civilization. The Maya had a highly developed culture. Outstanding mathematicians and astronomers were part of this Central American nation. The more than 5000 years, fearful look of Maya on the sky can be just the reaction to an event that came out of the cosmos. Scientists from the exact methods used to compute the Solstice and the planet raceways of the Maya today are fascinated.

Almost all of the Maya writings were destroyed. The Dresden Codex is one of the four preserved Manuscripts of the Maya. It is located in the possession of the State Library of Saxony in Dresden. The other three codices are located in Paris, Madrid and Mexico. Due to the rarity of the Maya manuscript is an important cultural treasure.

In the Codex Dresden dominate astronomical content: panels relating to the circulation of Venus, as well as predictions for solar and lunar eclipses, the Maya considered especially ominous. Certain deities were with each day of the tzolkin, brought the ritual calendar of 260 days. The purpose probably served as a kind of horoscope prediction. For example, the first 9 leaves have an almanac, were used to determine good and bad days. The content of the preserved codices are different. The Paris Codex (11 double-sided painted leaves in poor condition) is a ritual calendar, getting calendar and astrological prophecies. Gods are represented in connection with certain events. The Madrid Codex, the largest with 112 pages served for astrological Prophecies for good days and bad, has even no calendar content. Also, scenes from everyday life are shown here. Crystal skulls are another puzzle, the Maya left us… Form an opinion and tell yourself you are. Maria Garcia 21dezember2012.org