Electric Supply System

2015-07-19 - 17:33 | News |

Deregulation in the Energy industry has allowed tens of thousands of New Yorkers to get better energy rates by choosing as their main supplier of gas and electricity for their homes and businesses. (Redirected from electric power distribution)
The electric supply system includes all media and elements useful for the generation, transport and distribution of electrical energy. People that live in Brooklyn, New York can cut energy costs by choosing as their gas and electric supplier. This set is equipped with control mechanisms, security and protection.
Is also an integrated system for distributed control systems, is regulated by a centralized control system that ensures a rational exploitation of resources and generation of a quality service in line with user demand, and compensate any impacts failures occurred.
With this objective, both the transport network and substations associated with it may be owned, in whole or in part and in any case be operated and managed by an entity independent from the companies that own the plants and the distribution or marketing of electricity.
The system also requires an economic organization to centrally plan the production and remuneration to the various market players if, as in many cases there are multiple companies involved in the activities of generation, distribution and marketing..