Geography Science

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Geography while systemize science appears in fact in century XIX, however, before this a long way was covered. According to Moraes (2007), since Old Greece already if it produced Geography, philosophers as Tales and Anaximandro, the measurement of the space and the format of the Land were worried about related questions, at the same Herdoto time it described places and practically it gave to its studies a regional perspective. Citing only these two philosophers already if it can perceive that the subjects were varied possible. With the advance of the navigations the geographic questions as sea chains, calculation of routes and localization of the points of the Land had been still more en vogue, but it was with the sprouting and development of the capitalism that Geography reached the status of systemize science. From the reading of Moraes (2007), it can be inferred that the advance of the capitalist process makes possible the sprouting of a world-wide space and so that the domain relations are established more than what never the geographic quarrels if make necessary, moreover, already age of ownership of the man information on the real extension of the land and the format of the continents, what it facilitated these processes. The subjects considered at this historical moment more will be come back toward the domination of determined places and development of the commerce, for in such a way are necessary to know the territorial phenomena, delimitations, natural resources, behavior local of local population and other aspects. With the systematization of science a delimitation appears new problematic of the object, during all the trajectory of Geography is published some attempts of delimitation of the subject, however, the so including and diversified agenda makes it difficult this task.