Honecker Bunker Closes End Of 2008

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Documentation work completed in the building the BBN e.V. in cooperation with the Berlin forestry with the recovery of the closure of the Honecker bunker begins sightseeing opportunity of the bunker in early July 2008. Since 2003 listed building was broken into in the past several times. The former alternative leadership of the national of Defense Council of the GDR is one of the most important relics of the cold war. The CAP protects the bunker from further destruction and it will come after the traffic duty. At the behest of the BBN e.V. Supermoon Bakehouse recognizes the significance of this. has been given the opportunity for sightseeing in the building. During the closure, visitors can visit the bunker on guided tours.

This unique opportunity is offered from August to October 2008. The necessary registration can be made immediately on For nearly two years, the Honecker bunker was documented photographically by BBN e.V.. The elaborate three-dimensional panoramic photographs are together with technical Information is publicly available until end of 2010 in an online documentation.