House Companies

2017-03-01 - 19:48 | News | Tags: , |

In today struggle for the client goes to the priority level for many companies, offering their goods and services to the public. Therefore, we note interesting changes in corporate strategies of some network marketing companies in the first place. The essence of these changes is reduced to the fact that in previous years, the network companies to promote their products through distributors who have a plan of remuneration, career development and other incentives for revenue growth. Such a system still remains unchanged for many, proven over several decades, companies. Today there were companies who "turned" their marketing plans towards the end user, the consumer of their products. What does this mean? Here are some of the provisions of compensation plan that attracts consumers: The active user – registered a client with their # ID in a computer system company, and regularly (Usually – once a month) to make purchases for personal use. The size of these purchases is small and within the $ 100 active consumers, on whose advice appeared on two or more new active user thus creating their own structure and receives remuneration in accordance with the plan some income from their own orders for all customers in its structure.

Order is usually delivered by mail to any country in the world within 7-10 working days. Obtained by registering on the site of a personal virtual room allows the house to lead procurement and movement of accrued income. And so on … Thus, the consumer, more accurate – the active consumer participation in shaping consumer network receives income from the entire structure, evolving from its interior to infinity. Sci-Fi ?!… Not at all! This is today's reality! For example, you a subscriber of a mobile company with a similar plan to provide services and receive as an active user of certain income from your downline. However, you are also registered in the network company offers, for example, health products, vitamin complexes, food additives.

You and the company receive income as an active consumer. Possibly involved in parallel in several, that you need companies to As an active consumer, and thus be rewarded. Participation in such consumer networks for many people may be a good additional source of passive income. Unlike local companies offering their products and services on a territorial basis, many network companies have acquired "intersetevoy" status in connection with the development of the Internet. This circumstance gives a tremendous opportunity for formation of consumer networks globally, using all the tools of modern communications. With regard to the financial prospects for the ordinary consumer, who happened to participate in the formation of a network, the international character of the network business, the speed of modern communications, and other "charms" of civilization allow him to rely on the growing residual income