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2014-09-03 - 05:42 | News |

In the United States, where this profile grows and grows if stop, are called Lohas, an acronym which, in English, means healthy and tolerable lifestyle. AWord was coined a few years ago by a group of experts in marketing that tried to define what seemed to be a growing sales opportunity for products and ecological services that naturally entice these consumers there is no doubt, that a new type of consumer who searches only for healthy and environmentally friendly products and cares for a tolerable and healthy lifestyle for the environment. It is said that around 80 million people in the world have adopted forms of consumption compatible with sustainable development, social justice, and health. You are rightly called Lohas which is the acronym for healthy and sustainable life style (lifestyles of health Sustainability). These consumers consider, these responsible consumers move a growing annual market of more than 500 billion dollars, including from organic agriculture from food to appliances with low energy consumption, passing through ecotourism, and the use of vehicle with low impact (bicycles and alternative medicine.

There is the antecedent of the Natural Marketing Institute, that a third party Americans (approximately 68 million people), are Lohas consumers, i.e. who are concerned because products and services purchasing do not harm the environment, affect natural resources, nor nor use child or cheap labor in the third world. For this purpose they are willing if necessary to pay a little more. Us adds, Amy Cortese of The New York Times, that 90 per cent of Lohas consumers prefer to buy companies that share its values and many of them seem willing, even, to pay a little more in exchange for products and sustainable services. Of course, there are observers for which there is no Lohas market. He comes talking about this new phenomenon for 15 years and we are still awaiting the wave of changes that will make the world a better place.