Promotional Printing Services

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'Almaz-Press': unique technology to guarantee perfect quality Universal CJSC Almaz-Press' – a unique enterprise, rendering a large range of printing services in Moscow and the region. Almaz-Press Printing House is the undisputed leader in its field, which focuses on the principles of the highest quality products based on the use of new technologies. Founded in 1997, the Company Almaz-Press' soon became the most largest offset '> Offset printing press in Moscow. The company selects its main focus the production of high-quality glossy periodicals, printed on coated paper. Understand, this is an important decision was beginning to the contribution being made by the company Almaz-Press "in substitution of foreign printed typographic domestic production. After the commissioning of large-format offset printing machines of role that are based on Sunday Tehnology, Almaz-Press expands its sphere of influence in the segment of high-volume periodicals, appearing at the same time one of the most famous printing house in Moscow. The title of market leader in printing products and a leading printing house in Moscow imposes a certain responsibility, but because the company "Almaz-Press" in his own profession makes a major emphasis on expansion of park equipment and increase service levels. The company offers printing services that include full-color printing is not only glossy media, promotional products and corporate publications, and printing leaflets and brochures, that is, unique printing.

Company Almaz-Press has numerous resources that allow Postprinting processing products, as well as its subsequent packaging and delivery to the original buyer that contributes to the continued development of services provided to the consumer. Regardless of the complexity of the order and the amount of circulation, printing has always performs services on time, in accordance with prior arrangement. As largest publishing house in Moscow, the company Almaz-Press operates on the rates that are several orders of magnitude below the highest level of service. Staff of experienced specialists usually begins execution of the current order only after full optimization of the technological process of producing the products. The desired level of print quality is ensured through continuous testing and building personal ICC-profiles, which updated according to the catalog of stamps. Consequently, the identity of the final outcome of the approved color proof – guaranteed!