Setting Up A Website

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1) First you need to know the basics of HTML, if you do not know them, then go to>>> 2) You need to create a website if you are a beginner in this business, I advise you to use the service. . – Complicated but easy free web hosting – Free web hosting, which allows not only to try their hand at site building, but also make a good and a good site. Please visit best bars in new york if you seek more information. To do this, you are given a large number of templates, website design, good selection of modules of the site and can connect to your domain. Its CMS though excludes the use of your PHP scripts and databases, but still allows you to create high-quality and modern site. If you already versed in HTML and PHP, then you can use different Engines (CMS) for site-Joomla, WordPress, I have yet presented 2 engine, but poemu opinion, these 2 engines are the most convenient and populyarny.Skachat they can link to Joomla.

So if you decided to Joomla, then you need to start the server in the computer and the server called Denver. It can be downloaded here>> there is a description of the server and how to install 3) Install Denver, downloaded Joomla, can now create a website for every taste. 4) If your site is ready, then it should be placed on the hosting. There paid and free web hosting, buy domain desirable level 2 ie 5) When your site is ready and posted on the Internet, you will need to zaregitrirovat in search engines and directories that you have started to come to posetiteli.Vse promotion of the site can download on our website in the section of the book and how to properly promote a site in the section for webmasters 6) Once you promote a site and you began to come visitors can immediately add all sorts of advertising on the site – on the similarity There is also a very good earnings on the website is Sape, can also read an article about Sape And also make good money in Google Adsense's as if all ps create quality sites for people, then your earnings increase several times Enjoy your browsing and good earnings