The Power

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Eternal in his lyrics! The reading of Blake s poem London, makes imagines to me setting of such big contextual City and being full of curiosity about urban setting, unrevealed because of circumstances and social conveniences, perhaps the main reason why popular Blake did not become at the beginning of his career a poet. His Prophetic Books have had you wait until our century will be compassionate readers (Gioia 1289). 1 ‘ ‘ Blake, William’ ‘. Microsoft Encarta Online Encyclopedia 2002 (6 June. 2002) 2002 Microsoft Corporation. All Rights Reserved.

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Blake William, June 30, 2002. APPENDIX 1 each to charter d street, 1 Near where to charter d Thames you donate flow. 2 And Mark in every face I meet 3 Marks of weakness, marks of woe.> s cry of to fear, 6 In every voice, in every ban, 7 > d manacles I to hear. 8 How the Chimney-sweeper s cry 9 Every blancking Church appals: 10 And the hapless Soldier s sigh 11 Runs in Blood down Palace walls. > midnight streets I to hear 13 How the youthful Harlot s attends a course 14 Blasts the new-born Infant s sewing press 15 And blights with plagues the Marriage hearse. 16>