The Traditional Russian Bath

2019-10-24 - 07:33 | News | Tags: , |

Every nation has its own traditions, which eventually acquire a special significance. Become an integral part, and even a symbol of national culture. For example: people in Thailand – a massage. When word of Thailand, the Most people in my head there is an expression – Thai massage. One of these symbols of national culture of Russia, a Russian sauna. Who would argue? The tradition of visiting the Russian bath is due to harsh climate and features of national character.

Agree, nice, frosty, winter day, lie on a shelf in a well-heated bath. Drink kvas. Jump into a snowbank. And then again in the bathhouse, but a whisk. Major in the process – hot steam. This is not Turkey, and Finland.

It still must endure. In the Russian sauna do not go to wash, namely steam. And of course the whisk, oak or birch, which not only flies, but also adds to the spirit. That, of itself, represents the process, from a medical point of view. The vapor has an effect on human skin. With rising temperatures, in combination with high humidity, activates the output of harmful substances from the human body, through the skin. Use a broom, made a superficial thermal massage the entire body, using natural, aromatic substances. After the bath you go out with the baby's skin and with a sense of softness across the skin. Sharp termokontrast, stimulates the release of adrenaline, which in turn has a positive effect on the nervous system. In the bathhouse went – my nerves calmed. And of course, the emotional component. In the bath there is no social status, political beliefs, financial status. In the bath, there are people who came to warm up. Here you can find a common language with any person, even if in life you do not quite similar. After visiting a nice bath to continue the rest you can go to a country restaurant where you can have a tasty meal and have fun with friends. Enjoy Your Bath!