WHERE Are You Crowdfunding For Theatrical Release By CHI L

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Filmmaker brings Claudia Rorarius road movie together with their fans in the German cinemas in Berlin, July 15, 2011 – the Berlin Director of Claudia Rorarius celebrates with CHI L’HA VISTO where you made her feature film debut, and plans to bring the entertaining road movie without public support and rental company in the German cinemas. Friends, fans and film lovers will support them. CHI L’HA VISTO where you’re tells the story of a young half Italian, who grew up with his mother in Germany and after his biological father is after 25 years on the search. But a scaffolding of lies that he has built up to his father, keeps him from recognizing his true affiliation. The main role of actor discovery Gianni Meurer, who is currently regarded as Costa in the musical “I have never been in New York” at the Raimund Theater in Vienna. In the partly autobiographical colored CHI L’HA VISTO where you’re standing Gianni Meurer for the first time in a starring role in front of the camera. The film was from the German film and the media review “Predicate valuable” honored and celebrated many successes at international film festivals after its completion 2009 already, including the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, the Montreal World Film Festival, the Torino Film Festival and the film festival Max Ophuls. On August 18, 2011 the theatrical release of CHI L’HA VISTO is where you planned in the German cinemas.

The nationwide theatrical release with the help of the fans who support the project financially through the Internet platform Startnext is possible. Crowdfunding is called this form of culture promotion in many Kleinstsponsoren jointly fund a project in a given time. For their support, the fans will receive various bonuses as a thank you, including a personal video of the main performer, a signed DVD, Premiere tickets, or even a dinner with the Director. On Facebook, Twitter and the blog the team around Director Claudia Rorarius informed about ongoing activities, for transparency and communication with the fan base are the two essential Cornerstones of this alternative form of financing dar. Although independent, German productions in the production will remain promoted, solid in sales, however, the small films for several years on the track”, says Claudia Rorarius.” Approx. 190 German films per year, resources are by far not sufficient, appropriately support all productions.

That’s why I decided, new ways to go and the theatrical release of CHI where you’re L’HA VISTO with the help of the fans of Crowdfunding to realize. The many enthusiastic voices at the festivals and on facebook encouraging me to take this unusual step. Many exhibitors who have seen my movie on one of the festivals, help me. This is a very important signal of course.” Until August 7, 2011 cinema and independent film lovers, road movie and drama fans, friends of Italian cinema, people who are searching for their own identity, as well as homosexuals and people with bi national background have the opportunity, their part therefore help with CHI where you L’HA VISTO a haunting, quiet and comes with a clear eye for the beauty of the landscapes of Northern Italy photographed road movie on German screens.