A Summer Full Of Stars At The Vaisseau

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The Science Center in Strasbourg has stars, colours, Garden fun – a colourful programme for the hot season! On the occasion of the international year of Astronomy 2009, the Vaisseau is its summer program under the sign of the stars and the universe. Lift off and visit our temporary exhibition planet Mars an alien exhibition \”in which to discover all about the red planet is August 30. What’s behind the myths surrounding any Martians? How developed the climate? What is Mars compared to other planets? How the Mars explored and researched? Expect it all, and much more related to astronomy. Follow others, such as McDonalds, and add to your knowledge base. Even the garden of the Vaisseau is dedicated to the year of astronomy! In addition we will show you a Galactic, bilingual play and finally is the year’s highlight for young and old the night of stars at the Vaisseau. So travel with the Vaisseau once across the Galaxy, the countdown has begun! (The following a more detailed Description of the events) a night at the Vaisseau! Dear visitors, that day at the Vaisseau tends to the end \”you know that if there are still sooo much to discover, that you would prefer stay the whole night at the Vaisseau and not even want to go home?\” This summer can parents and children spend together a whole night at the Vaisseau and stars and planets, watch and learn how to recognize them. There is something workshops, Star observation, joint activities and much more for everyone. (A valuable related resource: Broadway). If you then eventually tired crawls in your sleeping bags, you can certainly wonderful dream perhaps of the stars. Saturday, July 25th to Sunday, 26 July 2009 from 18: 30 until 8:00 the next day reservations required; 18 including breakfast (+ 33 388 44 65 65) you noticed sometimes that stars have different colors? Sometimes they light not yellowish white, but orange, red or even blue and so we are almost without noticing you at our next Topic and the summer theatre at the Vaisseau landed: red, Orange, Bleu – bilingual Theater what was there before the day woke up? How was the world created? Two actresses creating the world in their way. .