Against The Spirit Of The Times Published Opinion

2014-12-03 - 11:20 | News | Tags: , |

Interesting posts from the Austrian domestic policy away from the mainstream of mass media there is in Austria a whole series of interesting contributions to domestic politics and the ideological discourse. Again and again we encounter opinions and content which is contrary to the published opinion of the Government parties SPo and oVP. In loose order, now elected posts in the Austrian media of the public should be made accessible. Tax policy and tax nature, fighting the tobacco industry or the power struggle in the Austrian people’s Party were in the last few weeks about taking the top issues of this alternative media offer. Tax policy and tax system have shown increasing excesses especially fiscal policy and the tax system in recent years. Of particular note is here about the so-called advertising tax, which prevents the application of commercial and promotional products in Austria as a marketing tax. An interesting article devoted to this model of taxation.

To do this there also a number of initiatives. To read about advertising tax: A anti-business marketing tax. Fight against the tobacco industry assumes the tobacco economy in Austria for years through the wringer. On the other hand, fiscal policy with always further increasing the tobacco tax enslaves consumers and Trafikanten, on the other hand, imports from low cost countries of the EU East will be liberalised. There are also always sharper expectant laws against smoking in public, in the workplace and in the hospitality industry. At last with the proposal of the Greens for a ban of tobacco vending machines.

To read about cigarette vending machines: Green ban fantasies. Power struggle the oVP enmeshed in the Austrian Volkspartei(oVP), once one of the three political foundation movements of the 2nd Republic is increasingly in the fighting of direction of and personnel disputes. Little more remains something of the political potency of the early years. Now there is only more to their very survival. To read about in Erwin Proll, federal politics plays against the Government.