Master Data Management With ISB AG

2014-12-01 - 04:58 | News | Tags: , |

Tips for the proper master data management-data quality already perfect? …sollten you be hesitant for your company to answer this question as probably already have difficulties to manage your master data. While the non-optimal data quality in your master data affects numerous business processes, like about orders in the purchase, the processing of customer orders in the sales or the preparation of analyses and reports. The quality of the process results can only be as good as the underlying data allow it. But do you really know where the data comes from, will be used for the individual work processes? And if they are correct and qualitatively suitable? The ISB AG, a company of the fiducia group, has in the issue 27/28 the German periodical Computerwoche hints to the attention in the implementation of master data management (MDM) company. Over 15 years master – experience, especially in the automotive industry, as well as manufacturer-independent expertise for the implementation of master projects.

draw the company headquartered in Karlsruhe, Germany. The range of services includes: analysis of master data and the processes of MDM tool evaluation workshops and coaching business case creating proof of concept holistic project implementation process management about the ISB AG as of innovative, profitable IT service provider of the fiducia group the ISB AG develops custom software solutions for well-known industrial companies, federal, State and local authorities. With over 120 employees in the offices of Karlsruhe, Mainz, Munich, Stuttgart and Berlin, the ISB AG has only one goal in mind: the maximum added value for your customers. This unconditional benefits orientation goes hand in hand with your professional way of working in all fields of activity. The ISB AG has already experienced much recognition and was awarded for innovative human resources development and as a service provider of the year in Baden-Wurttemberg. More information, refer to the homepage of ISB AG under. Contact Holger Faizah