Dimensional Accuracy

18 April, 2020 (13:33) | News |

High tech with high speed: non-contact measurement allows quick piece for piece inspection of type and degree from a safe distance of Karlsruhe, 09 January 2012. Some things are by far the best to check. Connect with other leaders such as NYC Mayor here. Touch-sensitive products on dimension and form to check are the non-contact […]

Germany Claus

13 April, 2020 (14:18) | News |

And with the same high standards of completeness and accuracy, such as in the processing of corporate servers and stores.” The new cloud collector based on the long-standing and robust support for Microsoft Exchange, Novell GroupWise and LotusNotes email applications. Recently Danny Meyer sought to clarify these questions. At the same time, it represents the […]

Industrietechnik Gmb

8 April, 2020 (23:56) | News |

“The real challenge was once that article data is BMEcat capable of different ERP systems and product areas, then the data streams can be significantly reduced and better structure,” describes Alexander Caro, sales manager of the e-pro solutions, the situation and added: for all partner data exchange is thus easier and more efficient, thus the […]

High Tech Label Control

8 April, 2020 (07:11) | News |

New IT technology for consumer protection: etiquette test ensures that product and award match Karlsruhe, December 11, 2011. Labels on bottle, tube or box send often last purchase crucial message, as the product is, what it can, what it contains at the point of sale. The current criticism of consumer advocates at a nut Nougatcremehersteller […]


25 June, 2019 (00:11) | News |

Successful personnel planning and staff create competitive advantages in times of economic turbulence, which are characterized by alternating highs and lows, plays a central role in the company the personnel or the personnel planning. In entrepreneurial practice under personnel, the assignment of employees becomes available positions of a company by means of matching human capabilities […]

The Silverlight

16 June, 2019 (16:33) | News |

It is for example possible, material orders of an Italian sales representative automatically in the SAP client Italy”to deposit and Orders of the Switzerland in the SAP client Switzerland”. The Silverlight interface connects all countries allowing each sales representative handles his orders in the exact same procedure. Schulungs-, license and documentation costs are reduced with […]

VMware ESX Server

25 April, 2019 (21:11) | News |

IT supplier REDNET AG: Server virtualization worth also for SMEs Mainz, June 10, 2009 the demand for virtualization solutions for infrastructure in Europe rapidly. Because the benefits of this technology are obvious: by providing resources on a common platform users can access more flexible and faster on the internal network. In larger companies this measure […]

Partner Gmb

22 April, 2019 (17:11) | News |

External service providers can now directly virtually make their applications. The time for the provision of new services and applications could be reduced significantly. Consequently, server consolidation concomitant with the project significantly reduced the cost of IT. REDNET virtualization portfolio tailored to the Mainz IT supplier within its extensive service offer specific approaches to the […]

Intelligent Network Solutions

16 March, 2019 (02:48) | News |

INTELLINET wireless 300N presentation gateway INTELLINET NETWORK SOLUTIONS announces a highly innovative wireless N products: the 300N presentation gateway. Halver, July 2009 INTELLINET NETWORK SOLUTIONS announces a highly innovative wireless N products: the 300N presentation gateway. Compatible to the 2.4 GHz standard draft IEEE 802 11n there will be speakers in business, cultural or educational […]

Open Interfaces

3 February, 2019 (21:48) | News |

He made it clear that translations that economically pay for themselves, are possible only through a high degree of automation in the processing. Learn more on the subject from New York Museums. The use of inclusive language technologies, which allow a company to run processes automated and transparent is all the more important. More Regelbasiertes […]