Diomedes San

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Our sufferings are kind caresses of God, calling to us so that we become to Him, and to make us recognize that we are not those that we controlled our lives, but is God that the control has, and we can trust Him totally. Maria Teresa de Calculta With the commitment to visit the place where Pio father lived and where is their rest, I left Brindisi to 7,30 the morning, directing to me to San Giovanni Rotondo in automobile, moving me by the good freeways who Italy has, happening through several towns, until arriving at the city to 10,30 a.m., little by little, without misfortune, crossing 250 kilometers, by far heat to be in summer, San Giovanni Rotondo must to his fame and luck to Pio Father. Downtown is all residential zone, with many places of historical and religious interest. The hotels of San Giovanni Rotondo, are mainly in the zone of the erected convent and the Sanctuary in honor of Pio Father. In addition there are several sites of maintenance, that of course, is due to have patience in some to be able to use them, given the great amount of automobiles that arrive. It is known, it describes as it, vocedipadrepio.com, that San Giovanni Rotondo in center is located of a great valley 20 km of Sant&quot Mount; Angelo and to 567 meters on the level of the sea. The inhabited center is developed in the plateau of the Pianoro, halfway between the highest tops of the Gargano, Monte Nero and Monte Calvo.

The city still conserves the structure of one old mountain village, with white buildings roofs with the characteristic red mud roofing tile. It is indicated, that according to the tradition, their founders were the Greek followers of Diomedes. The first inhabited establishments go back to the neolithic one and in the age of the iron the territory was frequented by ilricos groups, that would become the Daunios futures.