Disco Ball Meets Variety

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First solo show for Basianer David Pereira in Berlin – boylesque acrobatic excentric art Berlin. He is young, self-confident, maladjusted, flirtatious and one thing above all: ambitious. Member of the art pool BASE is BERLIN David Pereira. At the age of just 22 is the Contortionist born in Spain, and dancers working on his own night show. “With a completely new presentation at a disco ball the artist invites on October 15 to David Pereira BBs trip” in the Berlin Wintergarten Variete. The talented 22-year-old in his own first solo show combines the passion of dance with circus scenes, innovative effects and startling performances to a single breathtaking spectacle. The feature-length program not only denies the newcomer.

Pereira was able to convince international show greats like Baby Jane and Jack Woodhead, as well as more high-profile surprise guests with ease about his idea. They enthusiastically followed his invitation to with him together on the night show trip for loads of spectacular Moments to worry. A feast with inclined guests, unverbogenen bends in high heels without a double bottom. David his artistic journey began for him at the age of twelve years. A classic ballet training followed by 18 of the reputation of the world-famous Cirque you Soleil. The smart Contortionist was discovered three years ago by members of the Berlin squad forged BASE BERLIN on Ibiza.

Done by his skills and his charisma, you worked on the twilight performance with him”danced acrobatics, full of melancholy and strength, lightness and elegance. Since then, David Pereira can chalk up worldwide success and countless engagements in TV – variety – and Gala shows. No wonder Pereira dominated the art of is bending probably as no second man. The Spain-born young artist defined over the years like no other new contortion and style of dance. Stage performances appear with him effortlessly and playful. He is androgynous, sexy, tough and sees itself on the flirtation with the audience, subtle, unobtrusive and yet confusing, mesmerizing. The newcomer about himself: I am what I want to be. “Gay, straight, woman, man, vulnerable, explosive short: 100% David Pereira.” And that is reflected in the first own night show of the BASE BERLINArtisten: boylesque acrobatic excentric way. “Can a sneak peek of” David Pereira BBs trip “already get: currently the guest base BERLIN designed show made in Berlin” for three months in the Berlin cabaret winter garden. As a member of the ensemble, David Pereira presented there including a performance at the disco ball. Information David Pereira BBs trip: winter garden Variete Berlin Monday, October 15, 2012, 20: 00, tickets from 19.90 information BASE BERLIN: founded in Berlin in 2008, sees itself as a kind of pool of a new generation of artists and performers. BASE is the platform of young self-employed creatives from the fields of acrobatics, dance, photography and drama. Here are new performances and shows in collaboration with choreographers, directors, Photographers and in the mutual exchange with each other. The Berlin creative pool is like no other for new forms of artistry. “” Shows like Vivace”, Caesar Twins, SOAP, made in Germany and dummy”comes from the springs of Basianern”. From the artist network emerged acts were Cirque de Demain, inter alia to the Royal variety performance, the Circus Festival”in Paris, Teddy award invited and awarded prizes. Show productions of the species pool were performed in Germany, London, New York City and on Broadway. BASE shows are available for a fast-paced lifestyle and set variety trends throughout the world.