Games For All Ages

11 November, 2017 (11:18) | News |

Web page for free games – free games life of mankind and its history many times by many big events and breathtaking discoveries coined. But hardly an invention has left more dust than the computer and the Internet. Now-a-days you can hardly imagine a life without it, as if it were a native. Check with […]

Halloween Celebration

9 December, 2016 (02:59) | News |

Exciting eerie tips for the Halloween Celebration at home in the online shop of Vienna/Berlin / Zurich 18 October 2010. Pumpkins at the door provided again on October 31: Halloween is also in this country becoming increasingly popular and is celebrated on scary exciting festivals. Originally Halloween originated in Ireland, has tradition but also in […]

Disco Ball Meets Variety

23 June, 2014 (18:41) | News |

First solo show for Basianer David Pereira in Berlin – boylesque acrobatic excentric art Berlin. He is young, self-confident, maladjusted, flirtatious and one thing above all: ambitious. Member of the art pool BASE is BERLIN David Pereira. At the age of just 22 is the Contortionist born in Spain, and dancers working on his own […]