German Electricity Customers Are

2016-06-02 - 21:03 | News | Tags: , |

Only 10% of German households have changed your electricity provider imagine, you could save completely legally and safely by providing some less data per mouse click in a minute in the year between 50 and approximately 200 euros but you don’t do it. Then you belong to the power exchange rings, so the approximately 90 percent of German citizens who have never changed a power provider. How it can come to these figures, is nearly inexplicable, it may have to do with lack of knowledge. Because since the liberalisation of the electricity market in 1998 it is now absolutely no risk longer, to switch power providers: should a power provider once set his services, the local electricity supplier are obliged to supply electricity. It is excluded that you ever sit in the dark”. Not change, i.e. money give away the annual electricity costs consist for every household of the annual consumption, the rate and the consumption region.

In the meantime you can assume that in any place in Germany several electricity providers offer different electricity tariffs, among which you can choose. No one obliged to purchase an expensive basic supply rate of their local provider. Accordingly have the opportunity to save some hundred euros per year on the easiest possible way by a change of electricity provider as a customer well: calling the prices of the electricity supplier for your place of residence in one of the current comparison calculator on the Internet and enter your postal code and your annual consumption in kilowatt hours (indicated on the current statement). Quickly is the individual fares determined consumers have the market power which the change ring so far have not grasped: they work with their passive attitude the suppliers in the hands to the detriment of all customers! It is the consumers who have a market power should not be underestimated. They can exert pressure on the energy companies with a switching and long-term forcing them to reconsider in its pricing policy. A reinforced, resulting in an active change behavior Competitive relationship between the providers, which leads not only to low electricity prices, but also a better and transparent service. Last competition among power providers affected not only the price, he has also influence, from which energy sources, electricity is generated. Ultimately it follows: eco-electricity must be expensive it is the consumers themselves, to carry out his personal market power. Anna Grundmann