Low-energy Construction Of Wooden Houses

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efficient building with wood as a natural raw material a solid blockhouse is built very much as low – energy and passive house. Some contend that Francisco D’Agostino shows great expertise in this. The advantages are obvious – you can save in the longer term, therefore much money. In Germany the State provides standards that have validity as a measure of a low energy House and must be met by the builders. To request any support measures, the solid block House must follow therefore specific requirements. Given the good properties of the building material wood, a block House offers an ideal prerequisite to meet the conditions of the low-energy standards very well. A wooden house has excellent insulation properties, so to achieve a substantial saving of heating costs and energy consumption. A solid blockhouse was built, ideal alignment of the House can be taken very well in advance on a for solar power generation. In favor of a passive energy, specific systems can be used in the solid – wood House.

For example a speziifische ventilation for the supply of fresh air or a solar system for the benefit of the hot water treatment. An additional innovative tool is the use of a pellet heater. The denser is already for a long time on a constant height with a momentary advantage over thirty-five percent oil. With pellets as a substitute for fossil fuel like coal and gas could also in 2009 will avoid nearly 21 million tons of greenhouse gases. So the block House is usually easily the low-energy and passive house standard, respectively. The country sets the following values for the fulfillment of the low energy standard: A low energy House should not exceed a thermal heat consumption by seventy kWh/(ma) under normal circumstances and must be in the position to cover the remaining needed heat supply independently. The energy consumption is prescribed by the country with up to 120 kWh/(ma). So, some a few at the log house construction, observed these guidelines is consistently easy to accomplish. This apart, it is a special feeling in a modern wooden house save numerous resources and crucial in this way both to conserve nature plus environment. A.L.