Prospect Street Participants

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From the high banks, we can observe picturesque landscape. To the south-east of the city, 5 km rise spurs of the Greater Caucasus. They start with the Bald Mountain and go back to the Semis. In the distance lies the peninsula Utrish that formed by an earthquake more than two thousand years ago. There remain rare species of plants and trees. Anapa Beacon – a traditional meeting place for both locals and vacationers in the city of Anapa.

Installed in 1955 on a steep Bank of Cape Anapa. Octagonal lighthouse tower, with three black horizontal stripes. Height of the fire from the sea level 43 meters. Light of fire – red, group flashing. The range of 18.5 miles. In addition to the lighthouse is equipped with fire radio-technical means (radio beacon, radio and stand-alone diesel generator). If you go on Revolution Avenue (it is obschekurortny mineral waters pump), which is a boulevard, bright illuminated at night.

On it you can reach the square of Fame. At the beginning of the park, at the corner of Prospect Street and the Revolution. Tiraspol installed Commemorative Medal of participants of liquidation of the Chernobyl accident. It is designed as a granite slab and flowing down her molten lava. At the plate the inscription: "Victims of Chernobyl 1986 – 1996. Was set 10 years after the disaster. Why is installed in Anapa? Because napskoy motels accept children exposed to radiation, and Then the children of these children. Monument at the mass grave of participants of the Civil and Second World War.