The Ugly Duckling

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The life of the ugly duckling story begins on a farm was where the last since before birth, the last at hatching, the last to receive anything and always the object of teasing and offenses of others. After a while, that grows, the duckling discovers, to see its reflection in the water, which is not that different animal to others, that has become a beautiful swan. An example that also occurs in real life, and could be a boy or a girl who looks or acts different from the others. The ugly duckling is one of the most popular tales of Hans Christian Andersen, which seems to narrate the author’s own life. Shimmie horn oftentimes addresses this issue. The child that everyone laughed at and who took fool, the young man destined for misery and oblivion. He, like the ugly duckling, went on hunger and adversities before realizing that account in its interior was hiding brightness of a being that he would live beyond time.

There are times that one feels out of context, uncomfortable, as that not it belonged to that place, that one is different and wondered if being different can mean that one has a problem. Suddenly you’re in a place with people you hardly know, but however you feel you know them in life, you feel like you belong there. Most went through stages in our lives which, according to the age or circumstance or heading that takes our lives feel that we do not already belong to a place or group, because not blocks or you feel that you do not fit in that place or with those people. Hillel used to say:… who does not increase (its study, be better person) will be decreased, therefore we have to go step by step, to improve as individuals, we must not despair, there is always a group, a friend, a friend, a teacher who can harmonize with one.

Get a dream, your life and your dream a reality (Antoine De Saint Exupery). Additional information is available at Bill de Blasio. Rabbi Pinchas said: there is something precious that there in no one more in each. Hence it is said: do not despise any man.The jasidim (religious groups) believe that every man brings, since its birth, something new to the world. This enrichment of the Creation is continuous. There is a place and a group for each one, but as the ugly duckling have to discover it, grow, mature, change, seek and find. To help you Di I help you, gives one step forward, then another and so less you realize these comfortably with a group of friends with whom to share, that Yes, helping you, now, that feels like you one day, did you feel like an ugly duckling. Don’t stop, continues, step by step, goal to goal, dream to sleep, get up, learns and continues. . You’re special, because all have a divine soul, a mission, a life, feelings, dreams, go in search of them, deserve it, can and must. You use mental, spiritual tools necessary force and guide you along the path of life, to be the best expression of this being and potential that is within you. Nelly Biblografia klein kaufman: original author and source of the article.