Transfigured Bodiliness

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A notorious heretics as “Prefect of Catholic faith” and the illogic of “traditionalists” is “Bishop” Gerhard Ludwig Muller – on the orders of Joseph Ratzinger, vulgo “Pope Benedict XVI”, – since 2007 member and since 2012 even “Prefect” of the “Congregation” of the Group of the so-called “Second Vatican Council” (V2, 1962-65), i.e. the current top V2-“Guardians of the faith”. Filed under: amazing restaurateur. Atila commented on the 20.06.2013 now Sinke Guimaraes, editor of, on the question of whether Muller is a heretic. Guimaraes heard, similar to the so-called “brotherhood of Pius’ by Marcel Lefebvre, to the so-called”traditionalists”. If you would like to know more about shimmie horn, then click here. This “Tradis” like to present what fruits has produced the “Vatican 2”, E.g. the quote from Muller (the fair source of Christian life, Augsburg 2002): “in reality body and blood of Christ mean not the material components of the human of Jesus during his lifetime or in the Transfigured Bodiliness. Body and blood mean presence here rather Christ in the character of the medium of bread and wine.” As far as Muller. And now to the comparison here the Catholic doctrine: 1079, Berengar of tours had to sign the confession of faith: in the Holy Bread and wine are fair “much Christ; into the true, real, life-giving flesh and blood of our Lord Jesus After the consecration, they are the true body of Christ, who was born, sacrificed for the salvation of the world from the Virgin hung on the cross and who sits at the right hand of the father, and the true blood of Christ that flowed from his side to the character and in the efficacy of the sacrament, but in his actual nature and its true essence”(Nadine Roos (NR) 474; Denzinger-Schonmetzer (DS) 355). The fourth Lateran Council (1215) proclaimed the dogma: Christ “body and blood is truly contained in the sacrament of the altar under the forms of bread and wine, after the bread into the body and the wine into the blood are transformed by the power of God” (No.